What is owners corporation insurance and why is it important?

Owners corporation insurance is important as it protects both the owners corporation and all lot owners.

Reinstatement and replacement insurance

Reinstatement and …

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What is common property?

Common property can often be a contentious issue and is sometimes not so straight forward.

In Victoria, Consumer Affairs defines common property …

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Navigating budgets in new developments

Melcorp Strata have experienced Owners Corporation managers that can provide developers with the assistance required to navigate through any complex situation, during …

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Airbnb and subletting – what you should know

Airbnb has transformed the way people seek accommodation, and the phenomenon for staying in other people’s homes shows no signs of slowing …

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How Melcorp Strata can help developers

At Melcorp Strata we work with developers to create thriving communities for their new developments. We facilitate the process from initial design …

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Melcorp Strata appointed to manage M-City

Melcorp Strata are proud to announce we have been appointed as the Owners Corporation Managers of the residential component of an exciting …

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