Empowering Communities through Efficient AGMs

Posted on 28 July 2023

With the success of our most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Prima Tower last week, we wanted to share with you why owners are choosing Melcorp Strata to manage their Owners Corporation.

At Melcorp Strata, we redefine AGMs. No more chaos or shouting, just open communication, engagement, on-site meetings, and catered sessions – bringing you a seamless and efficient AGM experience that leaves everyone feeling heard and empowered.

Experience the Difference

Empowering Communities through Smooth AGMs – we take pride in conducting Annual General Meetings like no other. Say goodbye to the chaos and tension that often plague such gatherings, as we bring you a seamless and efficient AGM experience that leaves everyone feeling heard and empowered.

Open Communication

Our priority is fostering transparent and open dialogue. We encourage every voice to be heard, ensuring that all stakeholders have the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns constructively.

Engaging Atmosphere

We understand the importance of community involvement. Our AGMs create a warm and welcoming environment that fosters engagement, making sure everyone feels valued and encouraged to participate actively.

Catering for Connection

Strengthening community bonds is at the core of our approach. Our meetings feature catering options that encourage networking and informal discussions, further enhancing the sense of togetherness.

Accessible Meetings

Convenience and accessibility matter. We hold AGMs on-site, allowing community members to witness firsthand the decisions and discussions that shape their living spaces. We also have access to an inner city conference room, free of charge, where meetings can be conducted, including Annual, Special, General and Committee Meetings.

Organised to Perfection

Melcorp Strata leaves no room for confusion. Our AGMs are meticulously organised, with clear agendas and timely information distribution, ensuring a smooth and productive meeting.

Experience the Melcorp Strata difference – where efficiency, calmness, and empowerment merge to create AGMs that truly unite communities. You can learn more about how to conduct a smooth and efficient Owners Corporation Meeting by clicking on the article Our Tips: Owners Corporation Meetings.


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