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Melcorp Strata's strata management and body corporate team in Melbourne lives by the philosophy that the buildings we manage are well-kept, harmonious and enjoyable places to live. Where residents are proud of their home and property values are protected because the community, building and its grounds are cared for.

Hear from our dedicated team to discover how Melcorp Strata can protect and empower your community.

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Melcorp Strata are a team of experienced Owners Corporation Managers, based in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Our approach is built on the collective experiences and insights of a multidisciplinary team covering all aspects of the industry.

It is our mission to go above and beyond in providing a comprehensive owners corporation management service. We want our clients to be proud of their homes, always.

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What you should know
about your Strata

At Melcorp Strata we want to equip our clients with the information they need to navigate the complexities of strata management with confidence. To learn more about your Owners Corporation head to the dedicated FAQ page.

  • Why use a strata manager?

    When you buy a lot in a residential development, you become part of an Owners Corporation. A strata management partner provides a wide range of benefits to lot owners. Owners Corporations utilise the service of such companies to streamline processes and capitalise on the expertise of professional teams. The best way to safeguard your home or property investment is to do so with the assistance of a dedicated, experienced strata management company like Melcorp Strata.

  • Tips on choosing the right strata management partner

    Does the team’s philosophy match the needs of your owners? Does their track record meet your expectations?

    If you’re looking for a world-class strata management team in Melbourne, Melcorp Strata is committed to maintaining and maximising our clients’ homes and investments. We are known for our expertise, efficiency and integrity – and we’d love to work with you.

  • How to change your current Owners Corporation Management?

    • Step 1: Ask for a copy of your current contract
    • Step 2: Obtain quotes from a few different providers
    • Step 3: Call an Owners Corporation Committee meeting
    • Step 4: Vote to appoint your new Owners Corporation Manager
    • Step 5: Move forward with Melcorp Strata

    Have any questions or need a quote for your Owners Corporation? Contact Melcorp Strata today!