Our range of Owners Corporation Management services extends to residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. We can offer exceptional financial management solutions; provide guidance and advice to Owners Corporations on matters such as compliance, governance, and risk mitigation; and can assist with creating thriving communities through engagement events and customised building collateral.

Our approach is built on the collective experiences and insights of a multidisciplinary team covering all aspects of the industry. With complete, up-to-date knowledge of current legislation and full membership with Strata Community Association Victoria, we are able to take a best-practice approach in everything we do.

What we can do
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  • Financial Management

    Melcorp Strata has a strong finance team who prepare quarterly and end-of-year financials. We open and operate bank accounts, manage accounts receivable and payable as well as levying owners corporation fees. Financial statements are provided to all members and we ensure surplus funds are invested. To learn more about our financial services click here to speak with a finance professional.

  • Insurance

    Melcorp Strata has a robust and well developed insurance processing and management system. We manage the placement of insurance, administer insurance policies and tend to all claims on behalf of our clients.

  • Secretarial Services

    We have the capacity and knowledge to act as the Secretary of your Owners Corporation. Our team understands that your time is valuable, that’s why we offer a hybrid meeting model – in person or online – to allow Members an opportunity to be in attendance.

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies

    We provide proactive advice on compliance and risk mitigation strategies to our clients. We ensure that your Strata Manager will prepare and table a Contracts Register at every Committee Meeting. The Strata Manager, in conjunction with the Building Manager, will ensure that ESM Reports are conducted, reviewed, and that any non-compliant items are actioned to ensure that your building remains compliant.

  • Guidance and Advice

    Our experienced Strata Managers provide guidance and support to owners to ensure they carry out and perform their duties in accordance with legislation. Our Managers are required to attend regular SCA Seminars as part of their requirements to remain members of the Strata Community Association. They also fully understand the Owners Corporations Act 2006 and when to apply Sections of the Act to any situation that may arise.

  • Repairs and Maintenance

    Our Owners Corporation Managers investigate and obtain the best value for ongoing maintenance, compliance contracts, and utility supplies. We also review all quotations, consult with the Building Management team, and thereafter provide recommendations to the Committee. Our team will carry out compliance checks prior to the engagement of any contractors.

  • Attend All Meetings

    Our Strata Managers convene and attend all meetings, no matter the location. We have access to an inner city conference room, free of charge, where meetings can be conducted, including Annual, Special, General and Committee Meetings. We prepare and issue Notice of Meetings and Minutes of Meetings, with all supporting documentation.

  • Contractor Management

    We provide unbiased advice regarding contract issues and have a history of building strong relationships with vendors and suppliers. Our Strata Managers will create a Contracts Register. Tabling the Contracts Register at each meeting ensures that contract end dates are not missed. We also appoint a Contracts Register Sub-Committee who can assist with the tender process and thereafter report back to the full committee with their findings.

  • Create Thriving Communities

    Melcorp Strata works with your Owners Corporation to create positive communities within your building. We do this by providing a tailored approach when working with your OC, delivering key communications and newsletters to owners on building updates and notices, and facilitate events to build neighbourly connections.

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