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Melcorp Strata offers commercial Owners Corporation management services that aim to ensure the smooth operation of a property and its affiliated business, maximising its value and providing a safe environment for tenants and customers.


Our clients understand from the outset what they can expect in having us as their Owners Corporation Manager. With us safeguarding your property, we can recommend and facilitate necessary assessments for building maintenance and services for greater protection, enjoyment and longevity of the building.

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Asked questions

Learn more about commercial strata management by reading through these frequently asked questions. Alternatively, reach out to one of our dedicated Owners Corporation Managers here if you need further assistance.

  • How can Melcorp Strata help with managing building issues for commercial property?

    We understand that emergencies can and do occur at all hours of the day, as such, we provide 24/7 support to all our communities. Our office is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday, with a dedicated afterhours emergency response service provided outside of these hours.

    All contractors used on behalf of our communities are vetted prior to any works commencing to ensure that they are compliant and have all relevant insurances and licenses in place.

    We arrange and monitor repairs and maintenance of all common property areas, inclusive of essential services, on behalf of our clients.

  • How can Melcorp Strata assist with the financial management of an Owners Corporation a part of a commercial building?

    Melcorp Strata have a strong finance team led by our Team Leader – Senior Accountant. We prepare quarterly and end-of-year financials which are thoroughly checked by our team.

    We open and operate bank accounts, manage accounts receivable and payable as well as levying owners corporation fees.

    We validate and pay all invoices, prepare budget forecasts for administration and maintenance funds, as well as prepare cash flow statements.

    Financial statements are provided to all members and we ensure surplus funds are invested.

    As further mentioned under our Financial Management section, we also provide detailed Income/Expenditure statements, Balance Sheet, detailed financials to our Committees and any reports on investment accounts as well as levy arrears with notations on individual lots

  • Does Melcorp Strata have a risk mitigation strategy?

    We can provide proactive advice on compliance and risk mitigation strategies to our clients. We ensure that your dedicated Owners Corporation Manager will prepare and table a contracts register at every Committee Meeting. The Manager, in conjunction with the Building Manager, will ensure that ESM Reports are conducted, reviewed and that any non-compliant items are actioned to ensure that your Building remains compliant.

    We ensure regular communication with Building Managers to ensure that any risk mitigations are actioned, and forwarded to the Committee.

  • How to change an existing Owners Corporation Manager for my commercial property?

    If your building is being inefficiently managed then you and your building suffers. Melcorp Strata can help stop the damage and restore your Owners Corporation to a confident position. Our team will undertake a comprehensive OC health check of your building including a full review of the building’s financials, its contracts and agreements, as well as the short-term and long-term objectives of the committee.

    We have comprehensive experience with transitioning committees in the past and have a thorough working knowledge of the Owners Corporation Act, all legislative requirements and what this means for you. Get in touch with one of the experts today to see how we can help make the transition easy for you.

  • Should a strata management company stay up to date on technology and software systems to manage commercial properties efficiently?

    Yes, it is important for a strata company to stay up to date with the latest systems and technology. Doing so can improve efficiency by streamlining various management processes, enhance communication between property owners and tenants, simplify financial tasks such as collecting fees, tracking expenses and managing budgets, and can assist in managing the maintenance and repair request process.

    Melcorp Strata can recommend a range of easy to use, integrated software platforms specific to your building requirements. This allows for streamlined communication and easy management – creating a connected community with full transparency.