Our Owners Corporation Managers take a proactive approach to assessing your building needs and we provide insightful knowledge-based recommendations that will improve its overall quality and liveability. Our commitment is to steer your Owners Corporation in the right direction and ensure its ongoing success.

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Our Priority is you

Dedicated to you, our team of Owners Corporation Managers and Assistants are structured to give you an attentive and personalised service. This means you will see us in person and out onsite frequently.

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Transition Guidance

We provide you with a clear and simple pathway to follow, and draw on years of experience in assisting Owners Corporation Committees make the transition.

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Committee Consultation

We meet with all the stakeholders to gain essential knowledge of your building and its community. We then formulate an improved plan for the management of your Strata Community.

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One-on-one management

We offer practical advice and guidance with one-on-one management. You’ll find us acquainting ourselves with your preferences, listening to your concerns, and promptly facilitating resolutions.

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A thriving and positive community allows residents to feel more connected to their environment and the people within it – paving way for a support system where members are heard, understood, and can grow together.

Just as no two people are the same, as are no two communities. That’s why we provide a tailored approach when working with your Owners Corporation. As qualified professionals with expert knowledge of the Melbourne property industry, our team are specialists when it comes to knowing what owners and residents look for in an inner-city lifestyle.

From meet & greets to book club evenings and neighbourhood gatherings, our team can help facilitate and organise alongside your Committee.

Our expert marketing personnel can also create custom branded collateral to support communities. This not only aids clients in a practical sense, but also helps to solidify a strong sense of community where individuals share the same vision.

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How to change
Your OC Manager?

If your building is being inefficiently managed then you and your building suffers. Melcorp Strata can help stop the damage and restore your owners corporation to a positive and thriving position.

Changing your owners corporation can be a quick, easy and painless process, and it could save you from strife in the long run. Follow our 5-step guide to help you make the transition easy.


Ask for a copy of your current contract

Timing is crucial at this stage; you need to know when your current Contract of Appointment expires to allow sufficient time to undertake all the necessary legal steps.


Obtain quotes from a few different providers

Obtain quotes from several sources and compare the value for money and expertise they can offer. Review the costings for additional services. What will you receive from a new manager?


Call an owners corporation committee meeting

Organise a committee meeting to discuss your options and vote on changing your owners corporation manager.


Vote to appoint your new Owners Corporation Manager

Cast your vote to appoint a Melcorp Strata owners corporation manager, you will need the support of more than 50% of the votes to be successful.


Move forward with Melcorp Strata

Our professional team will take care of the rest – including notifying your current owners corporation manager.

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From our clients

Frequently Asked

  • What can Melcorp Strata do for owners?

    With complete, up-to-date knowledge of current legislation and full membership with Strata Community Association Victoria (SCA), we take a best-practice approach in everything we do. Our unwavering commitment to owners is underscored by ensuring a 24-hour response, absolute transparency, and an extensive business network. Our steadfast dedication lies in fostering thriving, happy communities within your building.

  • What services can Melcorp Strata offer owners?

    We excel in enhancing Owners Corporation management for established buildings. Our comprehensive services range from efficient handling of secretarial duties to orchestrating professional, organised meetings that foster a secure environment for owners. With a keen focus on financial expertise and an unwavering commitment to 24/7 support, we ensure a holistic approach to all our Owners Corporations. Explore our full suite of service offerings here.

  • Does Melcorp Strata utilise owners’ portals?

    Yes, Melcorp Strata utilise owners’ portals that allow for streamlined communication and easy management, creating connected communities with full transparency. We use Property IQ – from real-time meeting minutes and professional templates to rapid document retrieval, Property IQ enables our team to provide the responsive service that Lot Owners expect.

  • What financial management services can you offer?

    Melcorp Strata can offer a suite of financial management services tailored to each Owners Corporation. Our highly skilled team of CPA-qualified accountants have extensive experience in the strata industry, ensuring that we consistently explore innovative approaches to deliver relevant information to our owners. As part of our commitment to providing transparent and up-to-date financial information, owners can log into their portal at any time to access financial information about their Owners Corporation.

  • Do you have any professional networks or affiliations?

    Melcorp Strata is actively engaged in the strata community and the wider Victorian property industry. Our longstanding relationships with developers, third-party stakeholders, and community partners have enabled us to accumulate a wealth of knowledge, which we harness to ensure issues are resolved faster, more efficiently, and to an exceptional standard. With Melcorp Strata as your Manager, you can rest assured that your assets will be managed and its long-term value maintained.