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Changing your Owners Corporation Management

Due to the nature of how Owners Corporations work and the length of contracts that are often signed with managers, changing Strata management can be a delicate situation

Legislative Updates - July 2021

There are a number of legislation updates affecting the strata industry in 2021.

Melcorp Strata 2020 Summary

Melcorp Strata have been able to successfully manage, navigate and guide committees through what can only described as one the most challenging years ever faced by the industry.

What is owners corporation insurance and why is it important?

Owners corporation insurance is important as it protects both the owners corporation and all lot owners.

What is common property?

Common property can often be a contentious issue and is sometimes not so straight forward.

Victorian Owners Corporations Regulations 2018 Are Now in Effect

For the first time in over a decade, government regulations for owners corporations in Victoria have been updated.