Our Tips: Owners Corporation Meetings

Owners Corporation meetings can sometimes be fuelled by challenging debates with no solutions in sight. Whilst some members may confuse anger with

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Is your Owners Corporation practicing sustainability?

Never before has the concept of sustainability been more omnipresent in the public conscience as it is in 2022.

As more and …

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Our summary: Owners Corporation Act

Did you know there’s been some amendments to the Owners Corporation Act 2006? Read through Melcorp Strata’s summary.

The implementation of a

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Changing your Owners Corporation Management / Strata Management

Due to the nature of how Owners Corporations work and the length of contracts that are often signed with managers, changing Strata

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Legislative Updates - July 2021

There are a number of legislation updates affecting the strata industry in 2021.

Cladding Safety Victoria ACT 2020 (VIC)

2 Year Extension …

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Melcorp Strata 2020 Summary

Melcorp Strata have been able to successfully manage, navigate and guide committees through what can only described as one the most challenging …

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