Our Tips: Owners Corporation Meetings

Posted on 11 May 2022

Owners Corporation meetings can sometimes be fuelled by challenging debates with no solutions in sight. While some members may confuse anger with passion, ultimately committee meetings should be stress-free environments that promote productivity and generate beneficial solutions.

Fortunately, Melcorp Strata has an extensive track record of running smooth meetings and have put together a list of tips on how one can conduct a successful Owners Corporation meeting.

What to do during a meeting:

  • When speaking for or against a particular motion, limit statements to a maximum of five minutes.
  • Each person speaks once on each motion.
  • Each speaker raises their hand and waits for the chair to acknowledge the speaker.
  • Matters not on notice are to be raised in General Business.
  • Be flexible and gracious in agreeing on solutions.
  • Include rational and constructive comments and solutions.

What not to do during a meeting:

  • Shout or lose your temper – we encourage a moderate and calm discussion.
  • Use too many gestures, as they can appear aggressive.
  • Dominate the discussion or prevent others from contributing.

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