Electing your Owners Corporation Committee

Posted on 14 November 2022

The Owners Corporation Committee of Management is elected at each Annual General Meeting by all Members (Lot Owners) of the Owners Corporation (previously known as the Body Corporate).

The Owners Corporation Committee stands as the representative body for all owners and owners’ nominees of residential, commercial, retail, industrial, or mixed-use property developments. If your Owners Corporation has 10 or more lots, a Committee of Management must be elected; however, fewer than 10 lots means that it is not mandatory to elect a Committee.

Since the Committee acts as the mediating advisory for owners, it’s integral the right people are selected to perform such duties to ensure your building is well-maintained and cared for. That’s why we’ve put together a few insights into what you should know before electing your Committee.


Know Before You Nominate

The Owners Corporation Committee must have a minimum of 3 Members and up to 7 Members; however, at the Annual General Meeting, they can resolve to have up to 12 Members.

Committee Members must be lot owners or hold a Proxy for a lot owner. Each lot owner must be financial at the time of appointment and remain financial during their term as an office bearer, meaning that they must be paid up with their Owners Corporation fees at all times. Should a lot owner not pay their levies on time, then they are suspended as a Committee Member until such time that they have paid their levies in full.


Select the Right Committee Members

Select people who are articulate and don’t lose their temper under pressure. The best Committee Members are those who don’t dominate the discussion but allow others to raise their own opinions. Those who are rational thinkers and offer constructive feedback and solutions will benefit the Committee greatly when challenging issues arise.


Assign a Chairperson and Secretary

A Committee must elect a Chairperson and a Secretary. If neither of these positions are filled, this could mean that the Committee is not acting in accordance with the Act. The Chairperson’s role is to lead meetings in a way that promotes a fair discussion amongst members, while the Secretary is responsible for planning meetings, managing correspondence, and organising meeting minutes.


Removing a Committee Member

Within any six month period, if a Member is absent for more than 25% of Committee Meetings and cannot provide a reasonable explanation, the Committee, can resolve to cease that member to hold a position as a Committee Member.  The position can therefore be filled by a lot owner or proxy in accordance with the Committee’s overall approval.


Decision Making

The Committee is empowered to make ordinary resolutions on behalf of the Owners Corporation. Resolutions are passed once the majority of the Committee has voted in favour of a resolution either at a Meeting or via Ballot, which is generally done over email, noting that it is one vote per Committee Member.


Code of Conduct

All Members must adhere to the Code of Conduct:

  • Demonstrate good manners, courtesy and consideration to all Committee Members and the Manager
  • Attend meetings prepared to discuss and resolve agenda items
  • Stay on task during meetings on the topic being discussed
  • Listen when others are speaking
  • Do not dominate conversations, interrupt, participate in side conversations or make unnecessary comments
  • Collaborate as a team
  • Be open to differences of opinion
  • Provide a respectful and inclusive environment
  • Embrace diversity and other viewpoints


How can Melcorp Strata help with your Owners Corporation Committee?

Melcorp Strata can provide you with key information on how to run successful Meetings. We have the ability to act as Secretary of the Committee and perform all associated tasks such as keeping accurate minutes of meetings and distributing them promptly.

We can also arrange and hold online meetings, as well as prepare and distribute circulars and conduct surveys and ballots, whether that be in person or online.

Within our CBD office, we have access to a conference room that can accommodate up to 200 people, as well as further meeting rooms – all free of charge. Within these facilities, Annual, Special, General and Committee Meetings can be conducted.



Want to discover more useful tips and advice on conducting a Committee Meeting?

Visit our Resident Centre to find out how to run a smooth and successful meeting.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Melcorp Strata today by emailing us at info@melcorpstrata.com.au


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