Key Personnel of the Committee of Management

Posted on 11 April 2023

In our last article, we broke down what you needed to know before electing your Owners Corporation Committee. Today, we are taking a look at the key personnel of your Committee of Management to better understand their roles and responsibilities.

The Chairperson

Your Owners Corporation must elect a Chairperson. A Chairperson is either elected by the Committee of Management or by all Lot Owners at the Annual General Meeting (this would be the case if your Owners Corporation has 10 or less lots and Owners resolve not to appoint a Committee of Management).

The elected Chairperson of the Committee of Management is in turn also the elected Chairperson of the Owners Corporation.

Note that the appointed Chairperson is different from an appointed person to Chair a Meeting. At Melcorp Strata, it is common for our Owners Corporation Managers to Chair each Meeting, however the Chairperson of the Owners Corporation has the right to Chair the Meeting should they wish.

Our Managers have the appropriate skillset to Chair meetings with high levels of organisation, efficient time and people management skills, and sound knowledge of all relevant legislation.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Chairperson:

  • Act on the direction of the Owners Corporation
  • Act on the directions of the Committee of Management
  • Act honesty and in good faith, exercise due care and diligence, and not make improper use of his or her position
  • If there is a Committee of Management, present a report to the Annual General Meeting
  • Be a financial Member of the Owners Corporation
  • The Chairperson also has a casting vote should the votes be equal – this is the only extra power that the Chairperson has over the remainder of the Committee Members

In addition to the powers of a Committee Member, the elected Chairperson has the power to:

  • Convene the Annual General Meeting
  • Convene a Special General Meeting
  • Arrange a Ballot
  • Make the casting vote at a General or Committee Meeting when the count is equal.


The Secretary

The Secretary is elected by the Committee of Management. The Committee can also remove the Secretary as Office Bearer, however not as a Committee Member.

The Secretary is responsible for managing correspondence and organising meetings, which can be undertaken by your appointed Owners Corporation Manager. Your Melcorp Strata Owners Corporation Manager generally takes on the majority of Secretarial duties and possess the skillset to do so, including draft up Notice of Meetings, Minutes of Meetings, and run highly efficient Meetings.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Secretary:

  • Organises Meetings
  • Act on the Committee’s instructions
  • Issues Notices and Minutes on behalf of the Owners Corporation
  • Receives petitions against any interim resolutions
  • Receives ballot forms and proxy forms
  • Act on the direction of the Owners Corporation
  • Act honestly, in good faith, and exercise due care and diligence
  • Not make improper use of his or her position


Sub Committee

A Sub Committee is elected by the Committee of Management specifically for a main purpose, i.e. for garden improvements or façade works. The Sub Committee’s main role is to investigate and work through a particular matter rather than dealing with all aspects of an Owners Corporation.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Sub Committee:

  • Must elect a Chairperson
  • Must elect a Secretary
  • May co-opt another Member
  • Must have a quorum at each Meeting
  • Must issue Notices and Minutes of Meetings

Essentially, a Sub Committee needs to operate as if it were a Committee.


Owners Corporation Manager

An Owners Corporation Manager is appointed by an Owners Corporation to provide professional assistance in managing a common property. A strata management company like Melcorp Strata can provide Owners Corporations with a clear and simple pathway to follow, that is backed by thorough knowledge of the Victorian Strata legislation and how it may apply.

An Owners Corporation Manager often meets with all the main stakeholders including Committee Members and the Building Manager to work together to formulate new and improved plans for the management of your building.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Owners Corporation Manager (not limited to):

  • Can undertake secretarial duties
  • Prepare and distribute notices, agendas and minutes
  • Arrange quotations and repairs for maintenance of all common areas
  • Attend to correspondence of the Owners Corporation
  • Provide guidance and practical advice on common Owners Corporation matters, issues or disputes
  • Arrange quotations and repairs for maintenance
  • Drive positive outcomes and solutions for your Owners Corporation
  • Provide leadership to your Owners Corporation
  • Ensure your Owners Corporation is operating within the legal parameters of the legislation
  • Maintain the Owners Corporation Register
  • Payment of all invoices
  • Preparation, management and distribution of financial statements and budgets
  • Preparation and distribution of levy notices, inclusive of arrears management
  • Attend to orders, submissions and appeals
  • Arrange and manage insurance claims and renewals
  • Manage and administer common property
  • Ensure compliance of the Owners Corporation

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