How your OC Manager can create a positive community within your building

Posted on 08 March 2023

We understand that a thriving and positive community allows residents to feel more connected to their environment and the people within it – paving way for a support system where members are heard, understood, and can grow together.

Here’s how your Owners Corporation Manager can ensure your home is part of a flourishing community.


Improve communication among owners

OC managers can assist in facilitating communication between owners through the distribution of newsletters and within the owner’s portal. Melcorp Strata can also recommend a range of easy-to-use, integrated software platforms specific to your building requirements. This allows streamlined communication and easy management for residents, non-residing owners, building managers, and Melcorp Strata alike, creating a connected community where people know what’s going on within their building.


Ongoing support and resources

As a strata management company, we give our clients extensive support, regular industry updates and advice. Our monthly thought-leadership series Your Strata Bulletin provides clients with everything they need to know about legislation updates, guidance on running committee meetings, and more. You can sign up to Your Strata Bulletin at the bottom of this article.

Not to mention, our social media platforms keep you involved with what’s happening, allowing you to view quick and instant updates all year round. Be a part of our Facebook community here or follow us on LinkedIn.


Facilitate events alongside the Committee

Just as no two people are the same, as are no two communities. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide a tailored approach when working with your Owners Corporation. As qualified professionals with expert knowledge of the Melbourne property industry, our team are the specialists when it comes to knowing what owners and residents look for in an inner-city lifestyle. From meet & greets to book club evenings and neighbourhood gatherings, our team can help facilitate and organise alongside your Committee.


Add-on services

Our expert marketing personnel can also create custom-branded collateral to support communities. This not only aids clients in a practical sense but also helps to solidify a strong sense of community where individuals share the same vision.



If you’re looking for a strata manager who truly cares about your community, get in touch with Melcorp Strata today for a free consultation. Our expert team is ready to assist you with any issues you may face within your building, and we are committed to providing you with a prompt and tailored service every step of the way.



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