High-Risk Cladding to be Addressed by Victorian labor Government

In recent weeks the Victorian State Government has created and implemented a program that will address potential risk pertaining to cladding matters …

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Victorian Owners Corporations Regulations 2018 Are Now in Effect

For the first time in over a decade, government regulations for owners corporations in Victoria have been updated.

New Model Rules

    • Model
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Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Disabled Resident

The Supreme Court of Victoria has ruled in favour of Anne Black, a disabled tenant, in the case Owners Corporation v Anne …

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The benefits of dedicated Strata Management

When you buy a lot in a residential development, you become part of an owners corporation.

What is an owners corporation?

An …

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Short-Stay Legislation & You

The wonders of our ever-evolving, app-driven modern culture have brought us countless conveniences. We can find nearly anything from the comfort of …

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Changes Affecting Strata Levies From 1 July 2017

Changes to the Terrorism Insurance Act 2003 (Cth) (the Act) become effective from 1 July 2017, and some mixed-use commercial and residential …

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