Melcorp Strata has taken the pledge

Posted on 05 October 2023

Melcorp Strata is dedicated to championing leadership behaviours that cultivate respect within strata communities, strata workplaces, and among strata service providers. We want to ensure that everyone in the strata industry has a voice, feels listened too, respects others, and is committed to a set of behaviours that encourages a respectful community environment.

That’s why we’ve taken the Strata Community Respect Pledge to commit to support and foster values such as integrity, empathy, and fairness – with the aim of strengthening our industry and contributing to the creation of thriving and happy communities.

We will continue to uphold the values of the pledge within our communities by collaborating with owners to address their concerns, maintaining open communication, conducting quarterly surveys to gain your valuable feedback, and organising neighbourly events that bring people together. After all, our number one focus is to build thriving, supported and empowered communities where residents can be proud of where they live.

Discover the values of the pledge we aim to uphold:


We pursue respect with energy and persistence and are respectful under all conditions.


We stand for honest and ethical moral principles and stand united for situational challenges and choosing the right thing to do over the easy thing to do.


We do not tolerate others who are disrespectful and we will call them out respectfully when they behave inappropriately.


We are aware of our own actions and the effect that they have on others.


We maintain awareness and self-control of emotion, behaviour and decision making.


We invite the perspective of others and consider feelings and thoughts that may be different to our own. We are compassionate and respectful of differences that may exist between us.


We welcome differences of opinion and healthy debate and we ensure that all voices feel safe to be heard. We aim to build relationships of trust based on mutual understanding for the greater community good.


We are open and transparent in our dealings.

Due Diligence

We understand the financial, strategic and other implications of our actions.

Good Faith

We act in the best interests of owners and their representatives and we demonstrate accountability for our actions.


We will avoid bias and discrimination, and act impartially and fairly.


If you would like to learn more about the pledge, click here. Alternatively, if you would like to get in touch with one of our dedicated Owners Corporation Managers, please email us at

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