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Melcorp Strata brings to you our latest updates and news on all things Strata. Read about new legislation changes, company events and announcements, as well as insightful industry news to provide you an in-depth look at the property market as a whole.

The benefits of dedicated Strata Management

When you buy a lot in a residential development, you become part of an owners corporation.

Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Disabled Resident

The Supreme Court of Victoria has ruled in favour of Anne Black, a disabled tenant, in the case Owners Corporation v Anne Black.

Short-Stay Legislation & You

The wonders of our ever-evolving, app-driven modern culture have brought us countless conveniences. We can find nearly anything from the comfort of our phones – no matter where we are.

Navigating budgets in new developments

Melcorp Strata have experienced Owners Corporation managers that can provide developers with the assistance required to navigate through any complex situation, during any stage of a development – from the design phase through to Owners Corporation management at completion.

Melcorp Strata appointed to manage M-City

Melcorp Strata are proud to announce we have been appointed as the Owners Corporation Managers of the residential component of an exciting new development in Clayton called M-City.

How Melcorp Strata can help developers

At Melcorp Strata we work with developers to create thriving communities for their new developments. We facilitate the process from initial design review right through to final handover, ensuring the transition between each stage is seamless.