High-Risk Cladding to be Addressed by Victorian labor Government

Posted on 19 August 2019

In recent weeks the Victorian State Government has created and implemented a program that will address potential risk pertaining to cladding matters within an Owners Corporation.

Serious Issue – Specialised Taskforce

In 2017, the Victorian State Government created the Victorian Cladding Taskforce. This taskforce is headed by former Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu and former Deputy Premier John Thwaites.

One of their primary goals was to identify how many buildings had combustible cladding. They then determined how to best renovate and/or repair the issue.

One of the conclusions made by the taskforce was that the Victorian Government should seek funding from the Commonwealth, viewing the issue as one of national significance.

The taskforce worked with the Victorian Building Authority and has identified 15 buildings as high priority – these will have their cladding issues addressed first.

Now, hundreds of buildings are set to have their issues rectified via grants, with a view to ensure they are safe, compliant and viable as long-term homes and investments.

Cladding Safety Victoria will manage the funding and collaborate with owners corporations throughout this process.

Coming Soon: Calls About Cladding

Funds for this initiative are provided through the Victorian Budget 2019/20, with work set to commence in the coming weeks.

Cladding Safety Victoria will be in contact with Owners Corporations and property owners soon.

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