Changing your Owners Corporation Management / Strata Management

Posted on 20 October 2021

Due to the nature of how Owners Corporations work and the length of contracts that are often signed with managers, changing Strata management can be a delicate situation.

Thankfully, where there is a will, there is a way.
If you and your fellow owners are looking to change your OC manager, there is a proper process that can be followed to achieve the outcome you desire.
However, timing is everything and it is crucial that you and your fellow owners follow the process by the book.
Check out Melcorp’s five-step guide to changing Owners Corporation Management.
Step 1: Ask for a copy of your current contract
You must know when your present Contract of Appointment ends so that you have enough time to execute all of the appropriate legal processes. There are also a range of other things that you need to consider when reviewing your current contract, such as checking if there is a rollover clause and when that clause can be activated.
If you’re not sure or need an expert to review the contract, you can contact Melcorp Strata today.

Step 2: Obtain Quotes
Obtain quotations from a variety of suppliers and evaluate the value for money and expertise they can provide. Examine the prices for extra services. What can you expect from a new manager?

Step 3: Call an Owners Corporation Committee Meeting
Organize a meeting with your owners to present the available quotes. To call a meeting a formal agenda must be created and communicated to all elected members of the Owners Corporation committee.

Step 4: Vote
At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to present to the committee the quotes you have received. After this, all committee members will need to vote on A) whether or not to change from the incumbent manager and B) which manager to appoint.

Step 5: Moving Forward
Once your committee has voted, your appointed Body Corporate Manager will walk you through the next steps and contact your outgoing manager to facilitate handover.
Have any questions or need a quote for your Owners Corporation? Contact Melcorp Strata today!

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